Summer is Here

Surviving the high temperatures  can be a challenge for us here in BC.  With the heat upon us, many parents will be spending their days ocean or pool side.  Here are some survival tips:

  1. Use box and ceiling fans to maximize air flow
  2. Stay hydrated:  Drink lots of water or other drinks with electrolytes
  3. Take cold showers and soak feet in cold water
  4. Keep Your Food Cool
  5. Avoid Using the Oven if at all possible
  6. Eliminate heat sources such as lights and Tv’s
  7. Exercise Comfortably, choose air conditioned facilities or go walk in the mall.
  8. Cool Your Car Down Quickly
  9. Know your limits
  10. Keep an eye on the elderly and on pets.

We are happy that Tumblebus is air conditioned.  The kiddos can have fun without dangers of heat stroke.