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What is the Fun GymBus?

A mobile Fun GymBus that travels to your location and provides fun and fitness for your kids on board.

Are parents allowed on the bus?

Adults are allowed on the bus at any time to take pictures or if they need to stay with their kids they can remain on the bus. However, we encourage parents to have a break while their kids are having fun on the bus.

How much space the Fun GymBus requieres to park?

It requires a 2-3 cars length spot to park. The bus is 40’ length x 9’ width.

Is food allowed on the bus?

We only allowed water and kids have to come to the front counter to drink since their bottles/cups remain there.

Is the bus heated or it has A/C?

The bus is heated and it’s equipped with A/C.

What ages are the recommended ones for the kids to go on the bus?

We recommend kids 2-8 but we can have infants accompanied by parents and older kids as well as long as they’re comfortable playing on the bus.

Do the bus travel once the kids are on the bus?

The bus parks and it doesn’t move while kids are in board.

Do you provide cake, food, drinks, snacks, etc.?

We don’t provide any foods or drinks.

Do the kids wear shoes or socks on the bus?

No shoes allowed on the bus but kids can be barefoot as long as parents approve.

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